Red Roses Ever-Born

They told me
and smell the roses.

I did one day.
there were maggots
crawling on the leaves.

I’m always on the run.
now you know why.
The gears have to
If one breaks,
then they all burn.

There were people in this field.
One day, when I was six,
they all disappeared.

All around me are roses,
maggots falling from their thorns.
I run in this field forever,
red roses ever-born.


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I am a writer plagued by lack of focus, procrastination, distraction, and sleep exhaustion. I have many things going against me, but that doesn't prevent me from starting back up and trying again. I am a wife and a mother. I own two cats. I have a full-time day job (which I love on some days and dread on others). I look really boring from the outside, but inside, my mind is like a carousel. Or a circus. Or a plane of hell, depending on the day.

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