I Stopped Writing! Just Kidding. – Prompt: Rivulet

I haven’t written a blog post the past two days. I didn’t work on my novel yesterday (aside from doing some planning on it during lunch).

That’s okay, though. I’m not going to hold my lack of writing these past days against myself. I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

So what did I do instead of writing these past two days?

The first day, I went and had dinner with my family, then I spent time with  my son and put him to bed. Then I read some articles about leadership (because I am a manager at my day-job). Then I watched one of ‘The Good Witch’ movies on YouTube – one I’ve already seen.

The next day, I began reading the book You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – awesome book so far, by the way. She has a raw, gritty writing style, but she gets her point across. Being a cynic, there were quite a few things that stuck out to me, particularly “Love Yourself – unless you have a better idea.” That one line struck a chord with me. There is no better idea, is there? So why do them? Why hate ourselves or beat ourselves up? This was a rivulet of wisdom that I definitely felt I needed to hear yesterday, and remember for the rest of my life.

Funny story about this day. I was snuggling with my son and fell asleep on the coach – sitting up – for 3-4 minutes (I didn’t remember this, by the way. I thought I’d merely blinked and opened my eyes again.) My husband had a conversation with me while I was asleep. He told me he was going to go and get some chicken nuggets, but first he would have to find a Chicken, kill it, and make the Chicken nuggets. I told him, “But that’s wrong. You shouldn’t do that.” So, apparently I’m bossy, even in my sleep. Then I fell asleep around 8 PM in the bed with the book still in my hand. My lovely husband saved my page and tucked me in.

And guess what? I didn’t play video games. However, these activities were still a ploy to meet my needs. Going to dinner and spending time with my son: Love/Acceptance. Reading the leadership articles/Reading You Are a Baddess: These raised my Esteem need. Falling asleep at 8 PM: Physiological.

But you know what? Most of these actually met those needs. I watched ‘The Good Witch’ purely for the enjoyment of it, not to fill a need. Everything else met my needs, unlike the illusory esteem-raising video games or Facebook.

So, again, I’m not going to hold it against myself. It’s the weekend, so I have plenty of time to make up for what I missed.

If you, dear readers, miss a day of writing – that’s okay. Just pick up where you left off. Don’t beat yourself up. Resist filling the rest of your days with activities which don’t truly meet your needs, but instead purely waste time because you don’t ultimately get anything out of them.

Write on!

(This was a response to the prompt Rivulet)

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I am a writer plagued by lack of focus, procrastination, distraction, and sleep exhaustion. I have many things going against me, but that doesn't prevent me from starting back up and trying again. I am a wife and a mother. I own two cats. I have a full-time day job (which I love on some days and dread on others). I look really boring from the outside, but inside, my mind is like a carousel. Or a circus. Or a plane of hell, depending on the day.

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